Dance coaching Dance institute Drama and dance

• Pre-school dance for children aged from 3 years

- Examinations can be taken in all genres


• Ballet

- Classes held in ISTD grades and ISTD and RAD majors

- Pointe work classes


• Modern & Tap

- Classes held in ISTD grades and majors


• Spanish

- Classes for both children and adults

- Examinations in Spanish Dance Society offered


• Adult classes in:

- Ballet, Tap, Modern,  Spanish, Commercial/Jazz

Stage Door School of Dance and Drama in Bournemouth offers dance training from highly qualified staff, including ISTD qualified examiners, to students from across Dorset, Hampshire, Weymouth, Dorchester, Winchester and Southampton.


All our staff are DBS checked, fully insured and assessed to ensure you're always taught to a fantastic standard.

Dance training from experienced staff in Bournemouth

If you'd like to book a dance class, call

Tel: 01202 291 497

07860 645 594

07850 143 497

Our dance classes include:

  • To encourage a love of dance and develop musicality

  • To develop your ability to understand the various dance techniques

  • To nurture and develop your confidence and self-esteem

  • To prepare you for examinations and using your skills in performance

  • To give you the best training possible to enable you to fulfil your dreams as both a performer and teacher

Our aims are:

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