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At the age of 14, Maureen Headford took me under her wing, introducing me not just to my dream discipline of Tap dancing, but to all three dance disciplines Ballet, Modern, and Tap: The training that every  young dancer needs to take to the stage to become a professional.

Stage Door School of Dance and Drama welcomes students from overseas, as well as from the UK, who wish to become qualified teachers of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing or wish to pursue a career in performing arts.


For students who wish to work towards the teaching qualifications, there will be the opportunity to gain the necessary teaching skills first hand through experiencing working with the younger children and students who attend the Stage Door School.


Our students are highly thought of in the profession due to the high level of training they receive at our college.

Gain industry leading training in dance and performing arts

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Past students

  • Maureen Headford

  • Julie Headford

  • Julia Watts

  • Beverley Rand

All registered tutors delivering the DDI and DDE teaching qualification units are ISTD Examiners and include:

The teachers at Stage Door School of Dance and Drama are highly experienced and have spent a number of years dedicating their life to performing arts. If you'd like to book your first lesson FREE with us, we welcome students from across Bournemouth, Dorset, Hampshire, Weymouth, Dorchester, Winchester and Southampton. Take a look at our timetables and get in touch.

Highly qualified and experienced dance teachers

Nick Lloyd

Early Dance training was taken at The Stage Door School of Dance and Drama in Bournemouth under the direction of Maureen Headford. My time at the Stage Door was such a special time for me as Maureen was instrumental in my decision to go into the Theatre professionally.

David Morgan

I will always look back at my time at Stage Door School of Dancing with fond memories and with such gratitude to Maureen and Julie. I attended the school for over 10 years, and during that time I obtained nearly all of my Ballet, Tap and Modern examinations and to a high standard, equipping myself with a strong technique which has served me throughout my further training and professional career.

Hannah Toy

As I grew up I realised my passion for teaching and joined Stage Door College as a full time student where I studied for three years and gained several exams in teaching such as DDI in modern theatre and tap as well as a health and safety exam. I also completed my modern and tap ISTD examinations to advanced 2 standard.

Dawn Jones

While at Stage Door, Rachelle was given the opportunity to perform with the cabaret group, Starburst Dancers, on many occasions, including the launch of the Peugeot 207, Interhol Exhibition at the BIC and also a charity show for Chris Jarvis, at the Pier Theatre, Bournemouth.

Rachelle Bushell

Samantha started her dance training at Stage Door School of Dancing at the age of thirteen. She later went on to be a full time student participating in professional pantomimes and summer seasons, along with Julie Headford's cabaret group 'Starburst'. After completing the full time course she furthered her training at Doreen Bird College.

Samantha Bliss

Taylor started dancing at the age of five at The Stage Door School of Dance and Drama and completed her full-time dance and teacher training at The Stage Door College.


Taylor gained much theatre experience appearing in her first pantomime at the age of seven. She is currently studying at Laine Theatre Arts

Taylor Woods

Lizzie attended Stage Door College at 16. Fresh out of school Lizzie gained her DDI in ISTD Modern under the direction of Maureen and Julie Headford. In 2009 the school gave Lizzie the opportunity to perform in the professional pantomime “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” at the Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth alongside the School’s patron, Chris Jarvis. Later, in 2010 she also danced for UK productions in their production of “Cinderella”.

Elizabeth Martin

I decided to start my teaching qualifications when I finished my senior school. In September 2010 I left Germany and came to England to become a full-time student at The Stage Door College in Bournemouth. The college principals, Maureen and Julie Headford, are really nice and have a lot of experience in the business, as did all the other teachers that I was fortunate to work with.

Franzi Sturwold

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